Build your mindset through constant practice

Create your own training into the direction you desire

Unleash the power of your teams

What is Microtraining for Content Providers?

First of all, Microtraining is a platform that works just like a newsletter. You receive emails but in the form of quizzes. As a Content Provider, you will be able to create your own quizzes and launch them through email to your team, the main goal being to improve their mindset in an easy, engaging, and non-intrusive way. But how can the mindset be improved from email quizzes you may ask; And as you probably already know a strong mind is built through constant practice. This is what Microtraining aims for, sending messages on a frequent basis, which ultimately will improve your mindset.

Measure the progress and improve

Measure the progress of your teams easily. Our integrated analytics tool allows you to check up on the most important metrics. You can see which team member needs to improve most, and which team performs better than others. In the next step, you can use these insights to create new campaigns, focusing on specific subjects or specific teams.


Onboard your contributors

You can add one or more members to create content. Work together on a single campaign or assign a different campaign to each one of them.

Create your own campaigns

Digiscope.Trainings allows you to implement your own campaigns to teach a specific mindset or create awareness around a theme. It only takes a few clicks.

Create teams

Add your desired team members with just a few clicks, split them into Teams by your wish, and assign to each team a different campaign.

Swap the channel

In case that you have more than one channel linked to your account, you can easily swap them with just a click.


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